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Looking back on my younger years,
when I first came to realize.
I could watch the world evolve
right before my very eyes.
What starts out as a seed,
turns into a blooming flower.
It's amazing how life can change
within a day, within an hour.
It didn't take long to learn
that nothing really stays the same.
Things you might have thought were stable,
can turn out to be quite insane.
Some people are afraid of changes.
They're living in a constant fear.
Just think of what it's going to be like
in another twenty years.
Things will be bigger, better, faster, stronger.
People's lives will be lasting longer.
The world is going to be a crowded place.
Soon we'll be living up in space.
Sending messages up to Mars
might seem just a little bit strange.
But it all gets kind of strange
when your living in a world of changes.
Time is moving on, as I get a little bit older,
Responsibility's are mounting,
I've got the world upon my shoulders.
Not enough hours in a day.
Schedules must be rearranged.
Just trying to keep pace
in a world of constant change.
Bite off more than I can chew.
Try to swallow it anyway.
Just hoping I don't choke.
I want to live to see another day.
The world is getting a little bit heavy.
It's getting harder to survive.
I'm going to have to make some changes,
if I want to stays alive.
Meanwhile time is moving on,
where do the hours go?
I remember when I had the time
just to watch the flowers grow.
When there's flowers on my grave,
I guess I'll know I've made a change.
But it all gets kind of strange
when your living in a world of changesĀ