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Square Wheels


Time after time, I can't go to many days.
Without some type of complication standing in my way.
No matter what I do. It don't matter how hard I try.
Something comes out of nowhere
and pokes me in the eye.
Take one step forward, two steps back.
I can't seem to get ahead.
I can't help but wonder, should I even get out of bed.
Sometimes this road of life
might seem just a little bit rough.
But even when it's smooth, Somehow I'll mess it up.
Nobody knows, what's hiding behind my smile.
Don't let it show, what I'm feeling like inside.
Where do we go? Where do I go from here.
Sometimes I feel like I'm driving on square wheels.

I try and try, but I can't seem to follow through.
Why I keep on stumbling I haven't got a clue.
Could it be the way the stars line up,
or could it be my destiny.
This self defeating state of mind sure has a hold on me.
So I'll keep my poker face, try not to tip my hand.
I won't bother trying to explain it.
No one will understand.
Another day, another chance to try to make it right.
I'm heading down that tunnel,
but I still can't see the light.
{repeat chorus}
It's a no win situation
when you're working hard all day.
You come home broke and tired, got no time to play.
Your fighting with the traffic,
your fighting with your spouse.
And when the weekend comes,
I'll be fighting with the house.
Just when I think I've got myself
going in the right direction…I'm down for the count,
I've got myself some infection.
Well I'll just keep on working,
working hard just to get ahead.
A few more years of this, and I'll be lying dead.
{repeat chorus}