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Touch Your Soul


The sun will fade, the stars will shine.
Visions of you are running through my mind.
In all my wildest dreams, I dream of someone like you.
If I could touch your soul all my dreams would come true.
My heart starts to race, whenever you're standing near.
There's no doubt in my mind. It all seems so clear.
I want to be your lover, I want to be your friend,
and if this dream could come true,
I'd never let it end.
Hold me closer… baby don't let go.
Can you hear my heart beat?
I want to touch your soul.
Let me hold you closer. I won't let go.
I want to feel your heart beat.
Come let me touch your soul.

If I had only one wish… I would spend it on you.
Then comes an apparition… its such a beautiful view.
This mysterious image, that enters my mind.
It comes to life in my arms, and it's you that I find.
This is you that I see. This is you that I feel.
I can feel your heart beat… yes, I'm sure this is real.
And when I touch your soul, I will become part of you.
I'll thank my lucky stars,
all my dreams have come true.
{repeat chorus}