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People talking, just having fun.
You might be the victim of a smoking gun.
Passing time with conversation,
revealing secrets, confessing information.
They may declare that what they say is confidential.
That's all one needs, imagine the potential.
Words are spread, enhanced with lies.
Somebody's gonna laugh while someone's gonna cry.
It's only words, they've got nothing to say.
Just move along. Don't let it ruin your day.
It's only words. They've got nothing to gain.
Just stay away. It'll only cause you pain.

People gonna talk. Say what they will.
They'll bring you down. it's a bitter pill.
People gonna talk about what you lack.
Dirty words said behind your back.
Just let them talk. Don't be concerned.
Your respect is something
that there never gonna earn.
Some people like to talk without any shame.
Just let it go. It's an evil game.
{repeat chorus}
A sarcastic remark, nothing more than a mumble.
Becomes more savage as it roams through the jungle.
People gonna talk. There's nothing you can do.
Stones break bones don't let words hurt you.
{repeat chorus}