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Black Magic Part 1


Since the first day I met you, I just can't forget you.
I'm having feelings that I can't explain.
Your eyes cast a spell. Is this heaven or hell?
Am I feeling pleasure or pain?
Something has changed, I've been feeling so strange
and your face, it's all I can see.
I admit I'm confused by the method you choose
that keeps your presences with me.
It must be magic… black magic.
I never believed I could be so deceived
by a trick or a slight of the eye.
A warlock, a demon, a banshee that's screaming.
Or even a witch that can fly.
If I had the power to break such a spell,
I just don't know if I would.
Who would have guessed that being possessed
could ever have felt so good.
It must be magic… black magic.
You've got me possessed and I feel like a mess.
I can't follow through with anything I try to do.
Such a pleasure with pain and I can't break this spell.
I'm just not sure if this is heaven or hell.
The heat of a fever, the chill in my bones.
I've got to be near you don't you leave me hear alone.
A submission of power, a futile sensation.
I just can't resist this awesome temptation.
Its magic… black magic.
It must be magic… oooh, black magic.