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A Woman Like You


To make a point, to prove myself,
there ain't a dammed thing that I wouldn't do.
A mile and a half of red hot coals,
I'd walk across just for you.
Lock me up in jail. Sleep on a bed of nails.
Gag me 'till my face turns blue.
I'd put it all on the line, anything I could find,
To have a chance at a woman like you.
She's got a smile that'll knock you dead.
She could make the hair stand on my head.
The mighty Casey knew exactly what to do
When he stepped up to the plate and said…
"I want a woman like you"
A woman like you, a woman like you.
Their ain't a dammed thing that I wouldn't do
To have a woman like you .

The way she wears her clothes the polish on her toes,
She's got it and she knows how to flaunt it
She's gentle as a feather with an attitude of leather.
She's got everything a young man wants.
Well I'm all dressed up, I've got a fancy necktie.
I'll do anything I can to try to catch your eye.
Act cool, be a fool, toe the line, break a rule.
Climb a tree, pick a fight, eat a stick of dynamite.
She's got charm and she knows how to please.
She could bring a proud man down to his knees.
A cloudy sky turns from gray to blue.
I know my life would never go wrong…
With a woman like you.
{repeat chorus}
She's got a walk that'll make you crawl.
She's got what it takes to make mountains fall.
All my problems would just fade away,
If I could just spend my days…
With a woman like you.
{repeat chorus}